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    We would like to inform you that we are closing down the Appness project. We have shaped the industry trends and delighted our customers. But every project has its own time frame and life cycle. We decided not to continue the development in this business vertical, and, perhaps, we will surprise you with a new product in the future.
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Why Appness?

  1. Turn-key Traffic Solution

    The platform opens up access to unlimited ad creatives and valuable insights on app marketing, which facilitates user acquisition across all major platforms, such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, etc. Join over 100 leading advertisers attracting high-quality traffic to their apps with Appness!

  2. Ad Content Diversity

    The platform unites talented freelance ad designers from all around the world, which solves the problems of “tunnel vision” and lack of creative ideas. Leverage a continuous flow of fresh media for scalable growth of your business!

  3. Cutting-Edge Technologies

    In order to drive highly relevant traffic at the lowest cost, Appness automates all routine processes: filtering of creatives, monitoring, blocking inappropriate traffic and replacing burnt-out ads with new ones. Get ROI positive UA campaigns through machine learning!

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Full Control and Transparency

All campaigns are built in line with your guidelines

Review and preapprove all submitted media

Get full control over all creatives on traffic in one feed

Easily track your campaign’s performance

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  • Results

    Track your campaigns' performance and get the detailed stats using our comprehensive dashboard and reporting tools


...Appness will take care of the rest!

We Are Trusted By

  • Redrock
  • Playtika
  • Joom
  • Pixonic
  • Cupid
  • Funcorp
  • Etoro
  • Plarium
  • Mailru
  • R2
  • Ftgames
  • Mycom
  • Melsoft
  • Flo
  • Bending spoons
  • Droidhen

What Our Clients Say

  • Bending Spoons

    Bending Spoons

    Since the very beginning, the Appness team has proven to be knowledgeable, flexible, and responsive to our inquiries and needs. Today, Appness is our key traffic & creative partner, which helps us achieve our business goals. We believe in growth and development of this partnerships, and we see great prospects ahead.

  • Webgames


    When investing money in Appness, we are confident that we will get only high-quality traffic that converts and boosts our ROI. From a revenue standpoint, Appness campaigns meet our targets.
    Another important thing is that all the processes are absolutely transparent and secure, so we have every reason to consider Appness a reliable partner.

  • Joom


    With the help of Appness we achieved our goals in terms of sales increase and new market penetration: we strengthened our positions in Europe, started promotion in the US, Canada and Australia and reached 15M installs. When it comes to ad quality and compliance with our policy, the Appness ‘Approval Center’ makes a huge difference - we always know for sure how our ads look like and which of connected media buyers perform best. With the ‘Creatives Feed’ feature we easily manage our content and get real-time updates on all Facebook banners, creatives and videos.

  • Pixite


    Every app is different, and each of them requires a unique approach to user acquisition. This is where Appness has provided an immeasurable amount of experience and talent. Their account managers work closely with us in order to get the highest quality installs at volumes that we thought were impossible. We’ve partnered with other agencies in the past, but Appness blows them all away from a CPA and ROI standpoint.

  • Shelly


    The future belongs to platforms like Appness. Within a month, the platform helped us increase the volume of Facebook app installs by 230% and reduce our CPI by half. We used to spend lots of time on communication, approval, revision, and other time-consuming tasks. With Appness, we were able to automate the media buying process, completely changing our views on a CPI partnership.

  • SweetMeet


    As a rule, dating apps have a choice: either build up expertise internally, which takes a lot of time, or hire a freelance specialist and rely on their experience, which is risky. Appness stands out as a credible Facebook add-on with extensive expertise, a clear methodology and a transparent toolkit. We knew that we could accomplish our custom goals with them, but in the end, in addition to the definite volume of installs, we also got meaningful expertise in driving traffic.

  • iFunny


    We had been in search of new traffic sources, and the Appness team suggested to try out Snapchat, as a great channel to engage with a younger audience. Over the years, Appness had been our strategic partner in terms of user acquisition, that’s why we entrusted this task to them. The result exceeded our expectations, and now Snapchat is one of our top sources.

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