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Facebook Newsfeed


Audience network

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Facebook Newsfeed

The most common ad format on Facebook. The ad appears in the user's newsfeed with an "advertising" label. The format is universal and can be used for any targets. It consists of a 90 character headline below the picture plus an unlimited amount of text further down, with longer texts hidden under a "read more" link.

A visual component can be used with the common 1.9:1 image format, a series of 1:1 images or a video.


After it was acquired by Facebook Instagram became another platform in Facebook’s ad network. Ads are displayed in the user’s newsfeed. This format is relatively new, but initial results show that Instagram ads deliver great results for e-commerce and health apps.

Instagram ads don’t have headlines, but they do let you place an unlimited amount of text below the visual component. We recommend using only Instagram-native square images in your ads.

Audience network

You can also place ads in third-party applications (with the exception of major products like Facebook or Instagram). This format is not independent - it’s used in bundles with newsfeed to extend coverage. Facebook is responsible for deciding whether audience network placement is an effective option for your campaign.

Third-party application ads use the same settings and text as newsfeed ads, so you don’t need to prepare materials specially for this format.

Product ads

Product ads allow advertisers to upload their product catalog to target users throughout their journey from discovery right through to purchase. For example:

— Advertisers can automatically reach people who visited their website/app (via Custom Audiences), or reach people based on specific interests, locations, etc.

— Advertisers can choose how they curate ads. For instance, they can highlight products that were viewed on their website/mobile app or showcase their best selling products. Another option is a multi-product ad highlighting the different benefits of a single product.


Mobile app ads help drive engagement and conversion for your app with ads that take users to a customizable location within your app.

A travel app could target existing users with relevant flight deals with a call to action to "Book Now" for a flight, or a game might run a “Play Game” call to action to encourage existing players to try a new level or start a match.

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